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An Ominous Google Search

My main blog,, which is hosted by, is down today. Technical support is not available until tomorrow. I checked my Statcounter, and the last person to my site was a visitor who had googled “problems with Hostpapa.” Ominous. … Continue reading

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Our 1 Year Arrival-Anniversary

One year ago today, exactly, Z and young Telemachus and I arrived back in Canada from Seoul. I’m not really sure where that leaves us at the present time, which brings me to another thought. Sometimes, discretion is the better … Continue reading

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Google Isn’t Everything

A recent post showed how happy I was with iGoogle’s features. Google isn’t everything, though, as this short post relates. For better or for worse, the powers that be have decided that one of the students I tutor through a … Continue reading

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Two Interesting Tidbits

Saving the best for the last, I’ll start by noting that the owner of the statistics counter I use (for free), Statcounter, has just been named Business Weekly’s young entrepreneur of the year. The article compares Statcounter quite favorably with … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished an absolutely massive pictorial update of our “secret” family blog–email me if you’ve forgotten the link.

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A New Blog Image by Kevin!

I am indebted to my friend Kevin (warning: R-rated blog!) for his kindness in creating for me the extremely interesting blog image you now see on my sidebar to the right! The face on the coin is actually based on … Continue reading

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Bear with us…

…last night the header image was there, and today it’s gone. It’ll take a day or so to work out this bug. — UPDATE: It looks like I got it back up. If you can’t see the header image, I’d … Continue reading

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Introductory Notes

The above categories I put in place to indicate a general overview of what I intend to blog about in this site. The title of the blog is half-reflected in the url, and should hopefully mean that when I give … Continue reading

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