Back to School

I’m a student again, officially. For various reasons, the job I had thought I would take here while I was in South Korea is no longer suitable. Essentially, the company needed me in February, when one of their staff quit suddenly, and I wasn’t willing to work until April 2nd, as I wanted to help Z settle in. Following the advice of someone in a position to give advice, I decided to apply for Vancouver Community College’s intensive TESOL Certificate Program. I have been accepted, paid my fees, and been issued a student ID card. I now have only to wait until the 30th of this month, when the one-month program starts.

I’m looking forward to this program for several reasons. First and foremost, I’m hoping to learn more about lesson planning. Getting constructive feedback on my teaching in the practicum is another selling point of the program for me. I want to learn some things about teaching in a multilingual, rather than unilingual environment. Finally, the industry-standard certificate is key to employment in the ESL field here.

One of the things I’m very cognizant of is that specialization is often key to employment. I’ve decided to try to make two discreet areas mine: content-based instruction, and language testing. Both of these draw on the experience I had back in Korea, and I hope they can take me in directions where I can make a living.