IE9 in Canada: A New Edition of Where’s Waldo?

I’m beginning to wonder whether I can really be the only person online who is wondering why IE9 is not available for download in Canada. I know I can download it manually via the US Microsoft site, but I noticed that if I set the site on “Canada,” IE9 as a download disappears. I know that Canada is usually behind the US market for receiving this sort of thing, but there ought to at least be a schedule posted that says when we will receive the new browser. It annoys me that I can’t find one, and that I seem to be the only person in Canada who is asking the question of when IE9 will arrive here.

I don’t really mean that there aren’t others asking this question, but nothing is turning up on the first pages of a Google search. Of course, there are whole areas of the web that do not turn up in a Google search, and it may be that no one’s comments on this have yet been picked up by a Google search.