On the Aaron Rome Hit

I must admit I’m frustrated with Canuck defenseman Aaron Rome for sending a man to the hospital on a stretcher. In game 2 of this year’s Stanley Cup finals, Rome took two bad penalties that nearly cost us the game. Tonight he took all the wind out of the Canucks’ sails with his center-ice hit on Horton, and the five minute power play the Canucks killed was the least of the problems that hit caused; the game ended, apparently, 8-1 for the Bruins. I must admit that I’m even angrier at the Canucks’ coach for dressing him to begin with. In terms of the last several games, it seems to me that Rome has been a negative force on the ice while Ballard was his superior, and even before tonight I wondered why Ballard wasn’t in and Rome out. In any case, I’ve never been a big fan of hits to begin with. Rome and Horton are symptomatic of a league that relies too much on brawn to destroy skill. Winning by brawn was one of the two major reasons I stopped watching hockey over ten years ago. Now, after watching only a few weeks’ worth of games, I’m singularly unmotivated to watch the next one.