My Letter to the BC Government on the Vancouver Riot

The following is a slightly altered and edited version of a letter I have just sent the BC Premier’s Office. I have sent a similar letter to the Prime Minister’s Office, though with certain changes due to that being a federal government office.

Dear Premier,

Hello; I am writing in the aftermath of the recent riots in Vancouver. I am absolutely appalled and outraged at what took place. Unfortunately, despite a large amount of video and photographic evidence, I am not certain that the perpetrators of this riot will be properly processed by the judicial system (a system I have no faith in and which is in any case underfunded).

I am requesting that the government file lawsuits against each person who can identified as engaging in criminal behavior that night. There should be some way that the government can allow a kind of reverse class-action lawsuit, with one simple lawsuit against the many who inflicted all that destruction. Alternatively, or in addition to this, the government should make it easy for the injured good Samaritans, the City of Vancouver, and all businesses whose property was damaged or looted to be a part of such a lawsuit. The people who perpetrated this riot deserve to have their cars and assets confiscated, their wages garnisheed, their student loans called, their U-passes nullified, and their income tax refunds cancelled until the costs associated with the cleanup and treatment of people and property have been paid for.

Otherwise, these hoodlums and criminals will be passing on to the rest of law-abiding society the costs associated with this riot through higher taxes, higher prices, and increased insurance premiums. Allowing this riot to go unpunished will have a corrosive effect on our civic culture.

Finally, it seems very obvious to me that our public school system needs to explicitly teach the values of good citizenship, and I would like to request a review of our provincial curriculum to ensure that this is properly done.

Thank you for your consideration.