Ryoanji’s Zen Rock Garden Revisited in Black and White

Ryoanji gate - black and white

Gate of Ryoanji; image effects created using Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery program

I am not a professional photographer, and I can only present these as little pieces that I like personally; they make no claims to greatness, just to personal meaning for me. They can be reproduced online for non-institutional purposes provided a link back to this page is included. The next four images are of the rock garden itself; I used the Silkypix program to add a lot of darkness to the first three, and the MS program to simply turn off the saturation on the last one. The darkest images are intended to be viewed in a very dark room:

Ryoanji black and white 2

Ryoanji black and white 3

Ryoanji black and white 4

Ryoanji black and white sharp

A corridor in the abbot’s house is shown below; for this one, I simply removed all colour using the MS program referred to above:

Ryoanji corridor black and white

A detail of the gate is shown above. When I’m in need of a quiet, healing, peaceful moment, I like to create dark and “chocolaty” images like this one, and the next, showing the moss garden path. I find that I can rest in them.

Ryoanji gate detail in black and white

Ryoanji moss garden path - Black and white

The final picture I call “The Light of the World”:

Ryoanji statue of Buddha - black and white