A Mulroney-Dhalla Scandal Rant

Is it just me, or are there more articles on Mulroney than on Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla these days? What’s the point of crucifying a 70 year old man for a minor political-financial scandal that occurred decades ago? The Mulroney case is about the distant past before Prime Ministers Harper, Martin, Chretien, and Campbell; the Dhalla case is about the present and the future: how Canada treats its domestic workers and what it allows its political leaders to get away with. News media, please: enough on Mulroney; focus on getting to the bottom of the Dhalla incident. Meanwhile, I think Liberal leader Ignatieff should make his presence felt on this issue, if only to say that the jury is still out. The court of public opinion, though, seems to have delivered a verdict, and Ms. Dhalla had trouble answering even basic questions at her hearings.