Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple Again

Bongeunsa temple prayer hall detail

Bongeunsa is my favourite temple in southern Seoul for a number of reasons. I’m partial to the statue there, for one thing. I remember taking photographs there with my friend Ian when I first went to Korea many years ago. Finally, I like the location: right next to a major convention center and mall, the tranquility of the temple serves up a nice contrast.

On my last visit there, I went alone at night, and it was pouring rain. The temple seemed a nice refuge from the weather.

Bongeunsa prayer hut Buddha at night

There was a service going on, and to get out of the rain I went into one of the smaller prayer halls at the back on the hill. A very kind lady gave me some prune juice there; she seemed to be a temple volunteer of some kind. I politely drank it, even though I don’t drink prune juice. After that, I went out and stood for a while at the foot of my favourite Buddha statue, just as I used to when I lived in Korea before.

Bongeunsa Buddha statue on a rainy night

Bonguensa statue on a rainy night 2