A Series of Photographic Partial Failures

Strange flowers

It’s often said that we learn more from our failures than from our successes. In this case, there is something that bothers me with each of the images in this post, but I like them enough to post them anyways. Besides, posting them is addictive.

The image above I enjoy, but the top right part of the flower appears to be dying–which I dislike in a photograph of a flower. The image below lacks a little in the way of contrast, and I dislike not having any whites or brights anywhere to relieve the dullness of it.

Flowers in front of brick wall

The next picture is of a sculpture that I took on a whim, but the sculpture itself does very little for me, and I usually dislike this sort of thing. Besides, it was a tad underexposed. I had to lighten it up just a little after the fact and I still think it lacks colour vibrancy.

A guy

The image below seems ok–except that the colours don’t quite seem right to me–and there’s probably an issue of contrast, too.

Orange flower

The picture below, showing a rosebush with pink roses, I actually like quite a lot–but the composition seems just a bit off to me due to the bark mulsh:

Pink rosebush

The final image shows a fallen petal, barely hanging on. Unfortunately, its valiant struggle is overshadowed by a twig that is obviously in a more comfortable, if still precarious position…

Fallen petal

I’m not sure I’ve learned enough from these failures, but I will try harder the next time I go out shooting–and wear more appropriate clothing so I’m not so cold that I’m distracted from taking the shot. That said, I have to say that even with the flaws present in the pictures above, I like them, especially the first and second-last. I’m looking forward to more.